Friday, 28 December 2012

Bling Deco Etsy Shop

Bling Deco has an Etsy shop too.... it has been set up since Sept 2009. Back then, we only sell acrylic rhinestones. 2 months ago, we decided to expand our range of products,  so now our store have up to 200 items to choose from. If you are looking for ribbons, cabochon, rhinestones, felt fabrics and hair accessories findings, do click here and check out many new listing in our shop ya!


Thursday, 4 March 2010

New on Art Fire - 5mm faceted rhinestones

I've just listed 5mm faceted rhinestones on my Art Fire Store today. These acrylic rhinestones have 8 faceted faces and sparkle like precious jewelry. The jewel beads are excellent for card making and scrapbooking. They are also suitable for other decoration purpose. Glue them on your doll clothes, shoes, vases, tiles or have them decorate your handphones, compact mirrors and other trinkets. Perfect for jewelry making too!

22 colours available, choose from clear, Black, Lavender, red, hot pink, violet, cafe, baby blue, baby pink, kelly green, emerald green, silver shade, light gold, moon blue, sky blue, royal blue, amethyst, teal, lemon, rosewood, orange and primrose.

The quantity listed on store is 200pcs per colour, do email me if you need more. Click here to check out the new item today!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Bling Bling Bridal Shoe

Another pair of bridal shoe decorated with rhinestones. The bride to be, Jeanie like it simple and elegant. So I use the bigger size stones for the center part as focal point, spread out to smaller ones to the side and towards the ankle strips.

After decorated with rhinestones - One of a kind and elegant!

Before deco, it's just a plain white shoe

Material used: 4mm, 3mm & 2.5mm rhinestones clear colour.
Glue used: E6000

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How to add bling to your bridal shoe

I always hear friends complains that they can't find the perfect bridal shoe for their wedding. They are either too expensive or not elegant enough. Ever thought of adding some bling bling rhinestones to a plain pair of white shoe?

Wanna know how to decorate your wedding shoe? Just follow the step by step tutorial here:-

A plain white open toe shoe

a. Tweezer,
b. tooth pick,
c. 2-Ton Epoxy glue ( I use Devcon for this demo)
d. wooden stick with rhinestone picker.

a. 6pcs 7mm rhinestones clear colour
b. 100pcs 4mm rhinestones clear colour
c. 80pcs 3mm rhinestones clear colour
d. 60pcs 2.5mm rhinestones clear colour

Squeeze out a bit of epoxy glue from booth tubes.

Make sure you have both part A & B in equal amount.

By using a tooth pick, mix booth part A and B glue till even.

Take a small amount of mix glue and apply carefully onto the spot you want to fix the 1st rhinestone.

Pick up the 7mm rhinestone and stick onto the glued spot.

Take note: do not over apply the glue as it will be squeeze out from the side of the rhinestones.

Rhinestones picker can be use to help picking up smaller rhinestones.

Arrange the rhinestones from 7mm to 4mm, follow by 3mm and 2.5mm accordingly, depending on the designs of the shoe.

Repeat the same for both sides of the shoe, and whoola!!! A plain white shoe immediately turns into an elegant pair of bridal shoe!

Wanna DIY your own shoes, click here to check out my Art Fire store for rhinestones supplies.

Chinese version article was featured in Nan Yang Siang Pau on 23 Sept 2009.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bling Up The Plain Jewelry Box

This was another opportunity given to me to decorate a jewelry box, a birthday gift to Sam. This is quite a classy look box made of PU in beige colour. It's original look was a bit plain due to it's size.

Instead of decorating it with bling bling rhinestones, I choose flatback pearl as majority material to create a new appearance that is pleasure to our eyes. The birthday girl's name Sam is placed right at the bottom corner as this is a present decicated specially for her.

The original look....

Material used: 4mm flatback pearl in AB Ivory and baby pink, 4mm clear rhinestones, 3mm clear rhinestones