Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sweet Pastel Powder Case

Another powder case given a new look. To keep it pastel and sweet, I've chosen pearl beads & apple embellishment instead of rhinestones.

Original look

After deco

Sunday, 23 August 2009

New Materials

Yahoo!! Just received my bling bling material parcel yesterday. Busy checking and sorting out the goods and I am so excited about new creations I can made with them. I have got the full colour range of rhinestones in different sizes & shapes.

Good news for cute babe out there who like to DIY bling bling deco, I'll be repacking these rhinestones to a smaller quantity pack and will be for sale here. Meanwhile, I'm planning to post the tutorial on how DIY bling bling deco too. Just give me a week or two to sort out everything ya.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I'm joining MOLEGARDEN contest

HEY GALS , CHECK THIS OUT! Molegarden, a online store specialize in baby wear and home sew baby sling. They are currently holding a contest in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary celebration.

Guess what, I was attracted at the prizes, so...attractive. Out of the many prizes they offer, one of it is the Deco Venus magazine Vol 1 & 2, the one I've been dreaming to own. It's a must have reference book for people like me who likes to decorate handphones, card holders, powder case etc with bling bling rhinestones.

I saw this magazine in Kinokuniya the other day, 4 vol all together and it cost about RM55 each. Fully it's fully imported from Japan, I bought one of it , still preparing my budget to purchase the other three. Wish me luck ya, hopefully I could win one of this magazine home ya!

Molegarden contest period is from 04.08.09 - 31.08.09. Only running for 4 weeks!! So better be fast ya. Wanna know how to join? Pretty easy! Just click here to find out more.
Good luck!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Simple Bling

Jocelyn, my uni mate like pastel colours & simple design, which suit her personality and career as a nutrition adviser. Hence, I've picked light gold, lemon & clear colour's rhinestones for her. I add just little bling to this name card case by lining these three colours around the centre. The lucky star beads at the side is my blessing to Jocelyn, wish she will continue to shine as a star in her career.