Sunday, 21 June 2009

New Dress

This compact mirror was redecorated, simply because my earlier workmanship was too lousy. After few round of practice, taadaaa.... **bling bling** lovely isn't it?

Bling bling pattern

Crazy! Crazy! Too many possibilities with rhinestones, which is your favorite?

Saturday, 20 June 2009

What is rhinestone

Rhinestones are what we use for bling bling deco. It is made of either rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Name after river, rhinestones were very rare and originally rock crystal gathered from the river of Rhine.Metal powder is being coated to lower side of glass to create beautiful rhinestones, and is also known as Strass in European languages.

Crystal rhinestones are all times favorite, it has been widely use to create classy and sophisicated design in our fashion world. Austria (Swarovski) and Czech Republic (Preciosa) are two major producer of crystal rhinestones. However, the cost of stones are at the high side.

Acylic rhinestones are more afordable, hence gain it's popularity in bling bling decorations. Unlimited designs can be created from ladies compact mirror, powder case, handphone, MP3 to all kinds of IT gadget like mouse, headset; you name it.Ladies... what are you waiting for, let's bling it and be in the limelight of attention.

Friday, 19 June 2009

I love Bling Bling

Couldn't remember since when I started to fall in love with bling bling deco. My interest started since I watched a Taiwanese Show “ 女人我最大” few years back.

I was amazed with the possibility of design and totally crazy about it. I went look around in KL for the raw material but couldn't find it, maybe it was not as popular in Malaysia back then. So I abundant it till lately.... when I start looking around for my beading material on ebay..... At last I found it, and what a coincident, the seller is one of my best buddy back in school!!

I know nuts about how to apply it, but I was adventurous enough to buy the rhinestones and start exploring it. I must admit that my first piece was a lousy one, but I learn from the mistake. So... after few round of practice finally I made it!

I started this blog to display my bling bling creations and also to share my discovery on this part of new trend arts.