Friday, 19 June 2009

I love Bling Bling

Couldn't remember since when I started to fall in love with bling bling deco. My interest started since I watched a Taiwanese Show “ 女人我最大” few years back.

I was amazed with the possibility of design and totally crazy about it. I went look around in KL for the raw material but couldn't find it, maybe it was not as popular in Malaysia back then. So I abundant it till lately.... when I start looking around for my beading material on ebay..... At last I found it, and what a coincident, the seller is one of my best buddy back in school!!

I know nuts about how to apply it, but I was adventurous enough to buy the rhinestones and start exploring it. I must admit that my first piece was a lousy one, but I learn from the mistake. So... after few round of practice finally I made it!

I started this blog to display my bling bling creations and also to share my discovery on this part of new trend arts.

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