Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Princess Mirror

I was tempted to bling this Ikea mirror during my preparations for Arts For Grabs 2 weeks back. I was selling my handmade jewelry actually, so I was thinking it will be nice if I bring a nice looking mirror.

This is the largest bling area I've ever decorate so far. I uses nearly 4000 pcs of 4mm rhinestones ( hot pink, baby pink & clear colour). Never expect the to use up so many rhinestones and time. Spent almost 4 nights finishing this master piece, and I give her a name - The Princess Mirror.

However, she is so gorgeous and outstanding that someone wanted to adopt her when I bring her out on my first day of Bazaar. This request came to me unexpectedly, and after few sweet persuasion words from this charming lady, I let her adopt Princess Mirror.... Sob..sob....I miss her so much, but I'm glad to know that she will be taken care of.

I'm planning to do another deco using the same mirror, bought 2 from Ikea last week. One for myself and another one will be up for sale. So if you are interested to adopt my new princess mirror, do feel free to drop me an email at molecule2u{at} for price.

I do not have a studio picture of The Princess Mirror, these photos were taken by her admirer during the bazaar~
Do check out my other blog Molecule Handmade Jewelry also ya, where I share my beading passion and creations!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bling Deco is now on Art Fire

Hi girls, Bling Deco has just open a studio at Art Fire! In this studio, you will find rhinestones in variety of colours and sizes. So for DIY babes, these rhinestones can be use to decorate your handphones, powder cases, mirrors, calculators, mouse, laptop and many more items you wish to bling bling.

Click here to link to Bling Deco at Art Fire.

~:~ The quantity per pack per colour listed are 500pcs. If you wish to have a smaller or bigger quantity pack, do drop me an email at molecule2u{@}

~:~ I accept only Paypal for any purchase of Bling Deco's item at Art Fire.

~:~ For Malaysian that wish to made payment via, just send me an email with the following infomations:-

1. Item name: (copy the whole title of the item from Art Fire.
eg: 500 pieces of 4mm silver flat back round acrylic rhinestone - Sky blue )
2. Qty:
3. Your Name:
4. Your Postal Address:
5. Your Contact No:
6. Postage option: (registered mail or Pos Laju)

Monday, 14 September 2009


Transforming an old calculator to a new oriental look.
Material used : 4mm rhinestones in black, hot pink & kelly green
3mm rhinestones in black, mint , baby pink & hot pink
2.5mm rhinestones in mint, baby pink, hot pink
Qty used: ~ 550 pcs

Monday, 7 September 2009

For Sheela

I got a request to bling up a photo album. It's mean for a girl who turn 21 last Saturday. I like the idea cause a present is not just a present anymore, but something special and it's one of a kind.

After bling

Original look

Close up view

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sweet Pastel Powder Case

Another powder case given a new look. To keep it pastel and sweet, I've chosen pearl beads & apple embellishment instead of rhinestones.

Original look

After deco

Sunday, 23 August 2009

New Materials

Yahoo!! Just received my bling bling material parcel yesterday. Busy checking and sorting out the goods and I am so excited about new creations I can made with them. I have got the full colour range of rhinestones in different sizes & shapes.

Good news for cute babe out there who like to DIY bling bling deco, I'll be repacking these rhinestones to a smaller quantity pack and will be for sale here. Meanwhile, I'm planning to post the tutorial on how DIY bling bling deco too. Just give me a week or two to sort out everything ya.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I'm joining MOLEGARDEN contest

HEY GALS , CHECK THIS OUT! Molegarden, a online store specialize in baby wear and home sew baby sling. They are currently holding a contest in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary celebration.

Guess what, I was attracted at the prizes, so...attractive. Out of the many prizes they offer, one of it is the Deco Venus magazine Vol 1 & 2, the one I've been dreaming to own. It's a must have reference book for people like me who likes to decorate handphones, card holders, powder case etc with bling bling rhinestones.

I saw this magazine in Kinokuniya the other day, 4 vol all together and it cost about RM55 each. Fully it's fully imported from Japan, I bought one of it , still preparing my budget to purchase the other three. Wish me luck ya, hopefully I could win one of this magazine home ya!

Molegarden contest period is from 04.08.09 - 31.08.09. Only running for 4 weeks!! So better be fast ya. Wanna know how to join? Pretty easy! Just click here to find out more.
Good luck!!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Simple Bling

Jocelyn, my uni mate like pastel colours & simple design, which suit her personality and career as a nutrition adviser. Hence, I've picked light gold, lemon & clear colour's rhinestones for her. I add just little bling to this name card case by lining these three colours around the centre. The lucky star beads at the side is my blessing to Jocelyn, wish she will continue to shine as a star in her career.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Bling bling Mercedes

Unbelievable!!! Everything can be bling! Look at this, a bling bling Mercedes Benz, studded with millions of rhinestones. Just wondering how long it takes to finish this master piece, truely salute the artist who work on it.




For more picture, click here for the source.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Flawless by Benefit

Hello dearies! Wondering what is inside this lovely little box? Well.... take a look here .....

It's original look

After transformation..... It's a bling bling compact powder case!!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Blings up your professionalism

This name card case is custom made for Louise as a birthday present. As an insurance agent, she need to look professional yet stylish. So I choose to crystallized her name card case with azalea, lavender and black colours' rhinestones. Neat square pattern blings up her image and confident whenever she pass her name card to the clients. How about you? If you like your name card case to be decorated, please feel free to drop me an email at

Friday, 3 July 2009

Stylish Pen

Looking for something special as a present for your girlfriend? Well,how about a ball pen? Too boring and nothing special? Now you can turn your dull and boring ball pen into gorgeous and professional look ball pen adding some bling elements. Present this to your lady boss and I'm sure she'll love you as she love the pen.

 Before- plain ball pen

After- Bling bling and gorgeous

Be A Star - **Bling**

Some of our old stuff are simply too good to be thrown away. Dull plain mirror may be boring and faded. Why not dress it up by adding colourful glittering rhinestones to it. To bring out cute and young girlish style, I have choosen star motif and sweet pastel colour rhinestones in different sizes. I'm sure you will love yourself more whenever looking through this lovely mirror. You can be a cute little star under the glam light too!

Stylish USB Flash Drive

Add a little bling and hang it around your neck like a long necklace, USB flash drive can be stunning and fashionable too.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

New Dress

This compact mirror was redecorated, simply because my earlier workmanship was too lousy. After few round of practice, taadaaa.... **bling bling** lovely isn't it?

Bling bling pattern

Crazy! Crazy! Too many possibilities with rhinestones, which is your favorite?

Saturday, 20 June 2009

What is rhinestone

Rhinestones are what we use for bling bling deco. It is made of either rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Name after river, rhinestones were very rare and originally rock crystal gathered from the river of Rhine.Metal powder is being coated to lower side of glass to create beautiful rhinestones, and is also known as Strass in European languages.

Crystal rhinestones are all times favorite, it has been widely use to create classy and sophisicated design in our fashion world. Austria (Swarovski) and Czech Republic (Preciosa) are two major producer of crystal rhinestones. However, the cost of stones are at the high side.

Acylic rhinestones are more afordable, hence gain it's popularity in bling bling decorations. Unlimited designs can be created from ladies compact mirror, powder case, handphone, MP3 to all kinds of IT gadget like mouse, headset; you name it.Ladies... what are you waiting for, let's bling it and be in the limelight of attention.

Friday, 19 June 2009

I love Bling Bling

Couldn't remember since when I started to fall in love with bling bling deco. My interest started since I watched a Taiwanese Show “ 女人我最大” few years back.

I was amazed with the possibility of design and totally crazy about it. I went look around in KL for the raw material but couldn't find it, maybe it was not as popular in Malaysia back then. So I abundant it till lately.... when I start looking around for my beading material on ebay..... At last I found it, and what a coincident, the seller is one of my best buddy back in school!!

I know nuts about how to apply it, but I was adventurous enough to buy the rhinestones and start exploring it. I must admit that my first piece was a lousy one, but I learn from the mistake. So... after few round of practice finally I made it!

I started this blog to display my bling bling creations and also to share my discovery on this part of new trend arts.