Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How to add bling to your bridal shoe

I always hear friends complains that they can't find the perfect bridal shoe for their wedding. They are either too expensive or not elegant enough. Ever thought of adding some bling bling rhinestones to a plain pair of white shoe?

Wanna know how to decorate your wedding shoe? Just follow the step by step tutorial here:-

A plain white open toe shoe

a. Tweezer,
b. tooth pick,
c. 2-Ton Epoxy glue ( I use Devcon for this demo)
d. wooden stick with rhinestone picker.

a. 6pcs 7mm rhinestones clear colour
b. 100pcs 4mm rhinestones clear colour
c. 80pcs 3mm rhinestones clear colour
d. 60pcs 2.5mm rhinestones clear colour

Squeeze out a bit of epoxy glue from booth tubes.

Make sure you have both part A & B in equal amount.

By using a tooth pick, mix booth part A and B glue till even.

Take a small amount of mix glue and apply carefully onto the spot you want to fix the 1st rhinestone.

Pick up the 7mm rhinestone and stick onto the glued spot.

Take note: do not over apply the glue as it will be squeeze out from the side of the rhinestones.

Rhinestones picker can be use to help picking up smaller rhinestones.

Arrange the rhinestones from 7mm to 4mm, follow by 3mm and 2.5mm accordingly, depending on the designs of the shoe.

Repeat the same for both sides of the shoe, and whoola!!! A plain white shoe immediately turns into an elegant pair of bridal shoe!

Wanna DIY your own shoes, click here to check out my Art Fire store for rhinestones supplies.

Chinese version article was featured in Nan Yang Siang Pau on 23 Sept 2009.


  1. hi, may i know where you bot the shoes? I search for my wedding shoes... ;-)

  2. Congratulations Agnes! Good to hear that you are getting married. My customer bought it at Summit Shoes. You may check it out

  3. hi, hehe...ok! thanks for ur info. I plan to buy the stone...:p still explore on ur store. Got any discount or not? hehe

  4. Hi, it's great that i found your blog for this information. Do you know where can i buy these tools in Penang???

    Not sure if you could advise me for my enquries.

    I have bought a Satin Wedding shoes for my wedding day. The heel side accidently stick some mud during pre-wedding photo shotting and hard to get rid of it as it's too fragile to wash. I am thinking if I could use the rhinestone to covered or some blink powder. What do you think??

  5. Thank you for teaching on how to decorate the wedding shoe. I really love white shoes because of its simplicity but because of adding some bling bling Cheap rhinestones, now I will really enjoy wearing white shoes. Thanks again for the info.

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  7. The rhinestones made lot of difference! It now looks more ‘bridey’ with more bling on it. =) Apparently, it takes a lot of patience to finish this perfectly, but it’s all worth it with the money you save from buying a new one from the department store or branded boutiques. Thanks for sharing! Shannon